Fact: Well Water ~ It’s Naturally Better

Northeast Texas and East Texas are blessed with some of the best quality deep well water available in the world. Most deep wells in Northeast Texas and East Texas draw their water from the Carrizo or Wilcox aquifers where the water has traveled through many miles of Mother Nature’s own sand filters and is the safest source of uncontaminated, unpolluted water available.

Fact: Deep wells are a safe and reliable, long term source of water.

Deep well water is typically safer than most city water supplies. This water entered the ground literally hundreds of years ago...before any man-made chemicals were around to pollute aquifers. Most of these deep wells have no need of chlorination or filtration. On the other hand, most city water supplies come from rivers or lakes where the water has been pumped through a small man made filter which filters out mud and debris but cannot remove chemicals, bacteria, viruses or decomposed waste. The water is then chlorinated to kill bacteria and viruses and is pumped out to your home. These water supplies are much more vulnerable to pollution and contamination than deep wells, and usually contain many trace amounts of different man-made chemicals and waste. A deep well drilled today will produce water for many decades in the future just as many deep wells drilled 40 to 50 years ago are still in daily use today.

Fact: Deep wells are constructed to much higher standards today than 20 years ago.

Just as cars and electronics have evolved over the last 20 to 30 years, so also deep well technology has evolved in the hands of a new generation of well drillers. 30 or 40 years ago a person in the country was thrilled just to have a well that wasn’t iron water. Many tolerated cloudy, sandy water, low pressure and high maintenance. Today, rural customers can expect a water supply that will produce clear, sand free water at good pressure and with little upkeep.

Fact: C. Miller Drillings’ deep well warranty is the best in the industry.

Few well drilling companies offer guarantees at all, and none of them match the deep well warranty that C. Miller Drilling offers. Our four point guarantee sets us apart from the competition. This warranty is standard on most the deep wells we drill. Please ask about the details and availability of our warranty at your location.

Fact: Having a deep well drilled by a contractor with a lesser warranty is a risky proposition.

There is much more to the construction of a quality deep well than most customers realize. An inexperienced, ill equipped or uncaring contractor can result in a well that is an ongoing source of misery. Ask yourself, do you really want to gamble with your water supply?

Fact: C. Miller Drilling is the East Texas expert for municipal and agricultural water wells.

With years of experience drilling water wells for municipal, cooperative community, agricultural, industrial, institutional as well as residential use, C. Miller Drilling provides the expertise necessary for large jobs that require the utmost in reliability and performance.  Whether your new well is to provide water for a single residence, an irrigation project, or an entire community, C. Miller Drilling is the best choice for the job.

Fact: Most counties do not require a permit to drill a water well.

In most counties, all you need to do to drill a well is to choose which licensed water well driller to use. However, a few counties in Northeast Texas and East Texas do require a permit for well drilling. C. Miller Drilling is experienced in making the permit process fast and painless, and will gladly help you acquire a permit if your county requires one. Just give us a call, and we will answer your questions, and start the process when you are ready.

Fact: C. Miller Drilling is the best choice for drilling your well.

While C. Miller Drilling has grown over the years to service such customers as Pilgrim’s Pride, Sanderson Farm’s, Exxon, Texas Eastman, and a host of over 50 municipal and community water supply companies, still 75% of our work is residential wells where we continue to focus our attention on quality one well at a time.