Drilling & Techniques

The water from water wells across Northeast Texas is drawn from beds of sand. Beds of sand deep below ground are saturated with water, usually under artesian pressure, and the water travels through the pours of these sand beds. These beds of sand are found in a number of clearly defined formations and vary in color, coarseness, thickness, cohesion and purity. Water quality can also vary hugely from one formation to another, and even in the same formation from one location to another. A given formation may have many individual layers of sand that interconnect with one another over hundreds of square miles. The individual layers or "lenses" of sand begin, taper thicker and then thinner somewhat in the shape of a magnifying glass laid horizontally in the earth. This is why in one location a person may complete a well at a certain depth, and just a short distance away a well into the same aquifer may be at an entirely different depth. Most wells drilled in Northeast Texas are drilled into the formations described below. On the extreme edges of Northeast Texas there are some other aquifers which are not detailed here. All of these formations outcrop (rise to the surface) in various areas of the Northeast Texas area and taper away. If you live in an area where these aquifers are not present, call us and we can discuss with you what aquifers may exist in your location.  READ MORE

Water well drilling techniques vary dramatically geographically throughout the country, and even widely from company to company in given areas. There are four primary methods of water well drilling technology. READ MORE

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A comprehensive list of the Municipal and Community water system wells completed by C. Miller Drilling. No other drilling company in Northeast Texas matches the experience, expertise, equipment, or capabilities of C. Miller Drilling. VIEW LIST